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Glenrich Rock Fest 3.0 rocked by Warfaze, Miles and Karnival

Warfaze, Miles and Karnival rocked Glenrich Rock Fest 3.0 The Glenrich Rock Fest 3.0 was held with much fanfare on 4th March 2023, at the football ground of the Senior School campus, and it was a great success with a massive crowd filling the entirety of the concert ground. Various rock bands, some formed by school students, performed at the Glenrich Rock Fest 3.0. The concert started with the performance of Bae by Scholastica Mirpur students who played a cover of Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s my life.’ They were followed by new sensations Majhpoth, Rockfish by Rajuk School and College students, and HammerHeads by Sir John Wilson School students. Among the school bands, HammerHeads got the loudest cheers for their performance of ‘Tumi ki shara dibe,’ with the crowd asking for more songs from them. They were followed by a band reuniting after 19 years called Drafted, who covered U2’s ‘With Or Without You.’ After these performances, the headlining bands of Glenrich Rock Fest 3.0 performed for the fully occupied concert ground. First Warfaze rocked the socks of the students and parents, with performances of their famous tracks such as ‘Purnota’ and ‘Joto Durey Thako’ and a few others. They also performed covers of Guns N Roses’s ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ and Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It.’ Then Miles took the stage and rocked the crowd, which also had many teachers and parents getting lost in nostalgia, with tracks such as ‘Neela,’ ‘Dhiki Dhiki Alo Jole,’ and ‘Firiye Dao.’ They also played an amazing cover of Bryan Adams’ ‘Summer of 69.’ Finally, the Glenrich Rock Fest 3.0 was brought to an end by a mesmerising performance of original tracks of psychedelic rock by the band Karnival. This year’s Glenrich Rock Fest 3.0 was title sponsored by Shaheda Higher Education Consultancy, and closely supported by K’a’rcher, Vintage Engineering Limited, Bravat, Aqua Paints, Shopnodhara Asset Developments Ltd., Shopno Tour and Bank Asia. The music of this video belongs to the original artists of each song, and these small snippets of the songs were included to reveal the famous rock numbers that were covered as a tribute to the original artists in this year’s Glenrich Rock Fest 3.0.                         

Kaizen: The Motto At Glenrich School Dhaka

Kaizen: The Motto At Glenrich School Dhaka   Glenrich School Dhaka, one of the most prominent private schools in the nation’s capital to follow the Cambridge curriculum, has adopted a strategy of Kaizen, the Japanese term for continuous improvement while preparing its Grade 9-12 students for their IGCSE O’ level and GCE ”A’ level examinations. Kaizen, which is mainly applied to manufacturing operations, is based on five principles: “Know your Customer, let it Flow, Go to Gemba, Empower People, and Be Transparent.” This piece will feature statements from the leadership team of Glenrich School Dhaka to show how Kaizen is being achieved in the preparation for Cambridge board examinations. Regarding the teaching strategy, the Head of Upper Secondary School (Grades 9-12) Shegufta Hasan Khan said, “One way we are achieving academic excellence is through our Performance Enhancement Class (PEC) programme. There are two kinds of PEC programmes; one for the toppers, called the ‘Potential World Toppers’ programme, and the other is for students not performing up to their potential, which is titled ‘Low Achievers,’ and both kinds of PECs take place separately.  The Toppers’ PEC programme focuses on ensuring the top students, who are identified early at the beginning of the school year, continue to achieve the highest results in any kind of examination. The ‘Low Achievers’ PEC programme focuses on doing make-up work on specific topics and subjects, where the student has shortcomings. “ The Dean of Academics for Grades 9-12, Sangeeta Deedwania, outlined a comprehensive list of continuous improvement strategies implemented by the Glenrich School Dhaka to achieve the best results possible in the Cambridge board examinations: Students can select the teacher they can easily connect with and solve topic-wise worksheets from Cambridge’s past question papers. Depending on their subject choice students attend classes till 12:30 pm on school days and utilize the rest of the school hours for self-study or PEC. In PECs the students seek help from subject teachers on an individual basis. Unit tests are being conducted regularly to assess the student, and extra help is given wherever required. A minimum of two written assessments are conducted every month. Lesson Observations (LO) are being conducted regularly for all teachers, and individual feedback is given on the observations, to ensure that a consistent approach is followed in every class. Every teacher gets a chance to observe some of their peers and be observed by co-teachers and Heads of Departments (HOD).  Each student is set an achievable target for their opted subjects and planning strategies to achieve the same. Students are given follow-up meetings if targets are not met so that they can get extra help from teachers. Teachers also share their targeted average result for the class based on the individual target set by their students. There are regular visits from renowned universities. This is helping the students to know the specific requirement for admission to premier universities of the world. Ms Sangeeta also said that “Based on individual appointments, five to seven sets of parents are visiting the school daily to discuss with teachers the academic progress of their child, and to be aware of the necessary changes that are being made to help the learning of their child. And there are two comprehensive Parents’ Teachers Meetings held in every term.” The Head of Senior School of Glenrich School Dhaka, Tarana Majid Ahmed, added that “As far as the lessons are concerned, detailed explanations with resources and videos by teachers for quality learning are given in every class. Specific resources and explanation rubrics for individual students are also provided. There are repeated sessions on motivation and guidance on specific study patterns by the HODs. There are also regular sessions by counselors on keeping subjects or changing them so that students are not overburdened. “The Glenrich School Dhaka’s teachers are annually trained by the Cambridge Assessment International Education Board’s highly qualified international trainers. This ensures that the teachers are exactly aware of what to teach and how to teach in the Cambridge curriculum, and this is an important factor in helping the students get the best grades. Sessions by career counsellors are conducted to motivate students and guide them for university placements. This makes students have a vision and they tend to pay more attention to academics,” Ms Tarana added. In regards to the continuous improvement goal of Glenrich School Dhaka, the Principal Dr C.S. Shivananda said, “the students who are achieving continuous improvement are presented with the Kaizen Award. This award is applicable right from Grades 1 to 12. If a student improves by at least 5% in terms of scores in the final term in comparison to the first term, they receive a Kaizen Award, and the students proudly wear their Kaizen badge. We also have Scholar Awards for all the students, who achieve at least 90% and above aggregate marks in subjects from Grades 1 to 12. In addition to that we have a Subject Topper Award from Grade 5 onwards. “Glenrich has lots of students who do not go to any external coaching, and only depend on the school teacher for their learning, and they have been topping every class mocks. When students do not go to any coaching centre they save a lot of time, which would have been otherwise wasted on the road. This ‘saved time’ they can utilize for self-study. Glenrich School Dhaka’s students spend a lot of time in self-study, getting clarifications from one specific subject teacher, and depending on the same teacher for mentorship,” the Principal added. Regarding Glenrich School Dhaka’s achievements, the Principal said, “Our students have been receiving accolades, such as world highest, and country highest on Cambridge Board examinations, in almost every year since 2016. Glenrich School Dhaka was put right on the world map when it achieved an award for the Best Online Education Provider in Asia. “Glenrich has a high and very impressive placement record, wherein 80% to 85% of the students get accepted in the top 100 universities of the

Glenrich School Dhaka successfully arranged TEDxDPSSTSSchool 2022 with a host of influential achievers

TEDxDPSSTSSchool 2022 With hopes to aspire and inspire the young minds of Bangladesh, Glenrich (Delhi Public) School Dhaka with a license from TED has successfully arranged the grandiose sequel of the well-received TEDx event titled “TEDxDPSSTSSchool” at Glenrich Senior Campus Auditorium on October 15, 2022.  The event featured several influential achievers from various fields, who focusing on the event’s theme “Mind Over Matter”, shared their inspiring stories of breaking out of shells, overcoming obstacles, and amplifying their skills through the power of their mind.  TEDx is an initiative created by the TED organization to galvanize ideas that can foster pragmatic change in society. TEDxDPSSTSSchool was a full-day event where guest speakers and performers shed light on a range of thought-provoking and inspiring matters to educate and amuse the audience.      Guest speakers of this event included Ghulam Sumdany Don, corporate trainer and Chief Inspirational Officer at Don Sumdany Facilitation & Consultancy; Manizey Ibrahim, author, lawyer and the Director of Legal Affairs at Ibrahim Securities Limited; Md Tajdin Hassan, founder of Mission Save Bangladesh and Chief Business Officer at The Daily Star; Anika Rabbani, certified yoga instructor under World Yoga Alliance and founder of yoga school Yoganika; Debra Efroymson, author, co-founder and Acting Executive Director of The Institute of Wellbeing Bangladesh; Rizvana Hredita, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Hydroquo+ and Lingwing; Rakin Absar, renowned digital content creator; Sadman Sadik, educator at 10 Minutes School and co-author of several self-help books; Sajid Asbat Khandaker and Sourodip Paul, winners of World Universities Debating Competition (WUDC) 2022; Shah Rafayat Chowdhury, award-winning environmentalist & co-founder of Footsteps Bangladesh. TEDxDPSSTSSchool was very effective in boosting the intelligence of attendees and providing a divergent experience. The motivational event was sponsored by Monash Pathways at Universal College Bangladesh and M A Tayab Limited. The event was launched by Dr. Shivananda CS, Principal of Glenrich School Dhaka. Dr. Sandeep Ananthanarayanan, CEO of Higher Education Wing of STS Group was also in attendance. Glenrich Senior Leadership Team, students and all registrants joined the event.  Dr. Shivananda CS, Principal, Glenrich School Dhaka, said, “TEDx talks stand out from other forms of presentations as it is highly effective in conveying information to the target audience. It is a platform where the achievers share their personal journey and struggle, and their strategies to overcome them. It is not just a speech; it is a narration of individual drive to success. With the TEDxDPSSTSSchool, our goal was to bring bright minds together under one roof. Through this event, we focused on allowing conversations that are idea-focused and inspire attendees to make a difference in the world.”