Glenrich International School

Community Service

Service Before Self

Glenrich International School Uttara not only ensures that students are transitioned into global citizens who contribute globally, but also ensures they serve their community, country, and the environment. ‘SERVICE BEFORE SELF’ being our motto, we believe that community service allows students to explore academic interests through a real-world lens. Throughout the year, our students participate in different kinds of programmes with a passion for the benefit and betterment of their community and to share awareness like tree plantation, fire safety workshops, distribution of winter clothes, books, stationery items, and other materials to the underprivileged. One of our major initiatives is Glenrich EDUCATION FOR HUMAN GREATNESS where our students provide free education to spread the light of literacy among the underprivileged which is being continued during the pandemic through video learning.

The Social and Welfare Club of the school regularly arranges cleanliness programmes like CLEAN DHAKA CAMPAIGN and SAVE THE EARTH. In the winter months, the club also provides blankets and warm clothing to those without adequate resources.

While physical items are donated and benefit those who receive them, this can only be done by students if they receive proper guidance and learn the correct values and principles. Hence, the school also has an awareness-raising club ‘TEAM’ (Teaching Ethics, Awareness, and Morality) to raise awareness within the school on issues prevalent in our society. In collaboration with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme, our students from Senior grades educate younger students about relevant issues in an age-appropriate and engaging way.

Having an objective to place the School at the service of the community, our students are socially responsible and willing to acknowledge issues, search for solutions, and help others as part of their education.

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