Glenrich International School


Key Benefits

Junior Campus​

The Junior Campus is located in a landscaped campus area of 3 bighas at Plot 4, Sector 6, Road 13, Shahajalal Avenue, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka. The Junior Section comprises Nursery to Grade IV.

Senior Campus

The Senior Campus comprises Grade V to Grade XII. The Senior School is a campus area of 4 bighas located at Plot-ED-01, Road-1, Sector-15, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka.

Both Senior and Junior campuses are equipped with modern IT-based learning facilities including distance classroom connectivity. Additional features include modern Science Laboratories, Libraries, Computer Labs, soundproof Music rooms, Art and Dance rooms. The campuses are designed especially for Indoor Sports facilities, in addition to a large Auditorium with a phenomenal sound system that can house up to 500 guests. We also have swimming pools in both the campuses.

Both the Campuses of the school are British Council affiliated venues for Cambridge and Edexcel Exams. Glenrich School is an authorized venue for training of Cambridge Teachers as well. It is also an IELTS exam venue for its students.

Smart Classroom & Educational Software

Glenrich classrooms are designed to foster a love of learning in 21st-century students. Equipped with Wi-Fi, these well-lit and air-conditioned spaces support supervised, web-connected research and collaborative learning. Our use of educational software, including our School Management System, Google Apps for Education, and Office 365 cloud services, ensures technology-based education is seamlessly integrated into the classroom. Every classroom features an interactive smart class system, facilitating self-paced learning and enriching teacher-led lessons with multimedia presentations. Teachers can also incorporate their own materials. For distance learning, we offer an online program through Google Classroom, supporting both synchronous and asynchronous classes.


The Glenrich International School Uttara features a well-equipped library managed by qualified librarians. It houses a vast collection of books, journals, reference materials, educational DVDs, and children’s films, complemented by internet access and high-tech devices for research and collaborative projects. Ergonomically designed to promote reading, learning, and research, the library serves as a knowledge hub. Students benefit from expert guidance in effective reading techniques, ensuring they maximize their learning and retention.

Computer Lab

Computer labs are designed to make students creators and not just consumers of technology. The school has seven state-of-the-art computer labs, each equipped with thirty-one PCs connected by LAN and internet. The computer labs help teach students new-age computer applications as well as coding to students. Besides learning the application of productivity software, our students will learn the significance of AI and Machine Learning and the transformative power it currently has and will have in the years to come. Outcome-focused real-life projects are assigned to students to come out with their own software solutions to make life better for people and industries.

Maths Lab

Glenrich is the first school brand to have a dedicated Math lab in Bangladesh. Mathematics as a subject mostly has abstract concepts and a laboratory with hands on manipulatives will significantly help students grasp the subject better as they do not just visualize shapes and sizes, they actually hold them and work with them. Every manipulative is aligned to the Cambridge Curriculum Math concepts and aid in the deeper understanding of concepts which will eventually help students not just score well in their exams but will lead to problem-solving skills and mathematical thinking.

Science lab

State-of-the-art science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology offer hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for senior students. A dedicated junior science lab fosters an inquisitive and experimental mindset among younger students. All labs are well-equipped with the necessary apparatus and supplies to make learning science engaging, experiential, and memorable. The highlight of our facilities is the dedicated Robotics and STEM lab, available to both junior and senior students. With scheduled weekly sessions, students will explore robotics from foundational to advanced levels. Our school also features well-equipped laboratories for Geography, each with the necessary equipment for conducting experiments and demonstrations.

Montessori Lab

Internationally acclaimed Montessori methodology focuses on students’ natural development of the students with some unique characteristics such as independent learning, student-directed learning, responsibility and self-discipline. The dedicated Montessori lab at GIS embeds the Montessori Methodology into the EYFS Curriculum. By visiting the Montessori lab regularly, students’ foundation in reading and numbers is strengthened with the use of Montessori Material in a self-directed manner.

Sports Facilities

Glenrich introduces Bangladesh’s first aesthetically designed skating rink for primary and lower secondary students, designed by Beaumont. This addition enhances the numerous sports opportunities available at GIS, which include dedicated fields for soccer, basketball, cricket nets, and a rooftop swimming pool. The swimming pool features a learning section and offers coaching from beginner to competitive levels by a professional coach. GIS also boasts a basketball court and an indoor playing area equipped for table tennis, carrom, chess, and other activities. This space is used for physical training, athletics, and exercise. Pre-primary children enjoy a separate play area with outdoor equipment, including sand pits, swings, and other safe, enjoyable structures.

Parents Lounge

We understand parents’ needs. While their children attend classes, parents can relax in the parents’ lounge, which features amenities such as a cafeteria and a library, ensuring they have a comfortable and engaging space throughout the school day.

Medical Services

The School has appointed a full time, qualified Nurse who comes well equipped with first aid materials. Assistance from the Nurse is available during School hours in the Sick Room.

Transport Services


The School has a spacious cafeteria which provides nutritious and healthy snacks, lunch and juices prepared in strictly controlled and hygienic conditions. Our highly proficient team of professionals working in the cafeteria cater safe and delicious food to the students with their highest priority. We only use the best quality ingredients from reliable suppliers.


All cultural activities, debates, and competitions are held in our state-of-the-art auditorium, equipped with cutting-edge audio equipment and accommodating up to 500 people. It includes changing rooms for both boys and girls. The auditorium’s advanced sound and lighting systems enhance performances, enabling professional-level events. When not in use for performances or assemblies, it converts into a gymnasium for indoor games like table tennis and badminton, with retractable seating revealing the games infrastructure.

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