Glenrich International School

Kindness, Happiness and Pastoral Care


  • The only school with 2 full-time dedicated pastoral counsellors providing regular and confidential support to students’ pastoral issues.
  • The school reviews and monitors student’s emotional health through regular sessions and wellbeing programs.
  • Extended counselling sessions for parents.
  • Significant importance given to ensure a kind, and happy environment at school.


Glenrich School aims to provide an atmosphere of a nurturing family where our students are always cared for their unique individuality. All members of the staff are involved in pastoral care. Along with the highly trained teachers, we have two full-time counsellors—the key contributors of the pastoral care unit—for constant support and guidance to the students of all age groups. Our highly skilled Pastoral Counsellors have expertise in child and adolescence emotional well-being with the know-how to work with them. Students are free to approach the Pastoral Counsellor to confide in and receive advice and counselling to resolve their issues and problems. Children who have personal problems, emotional troubles, moral challenges, or behavioural issues are helped on a one-to-one basis by the Pastoral Counsellor. We place considerable emphasis on providing several levels of support to ensure that any problem can be identified and resolved quickly.

Our carefully coordinated Pastoral activities – including Bangladeshi values, customs, relationships promote a school culture that emphasizes respect, teamwork and participation – and reactive elements like providing comfort in response to hurt, or encouragement in the face of challenges.

Our Pastoral Counsellors focus on enabling the growth mindset of young adults and facilitate their networking skill and leadership qualities through encouraging them to volunteer in social and pastoral care activities. Their personal qualities are scientifically studied and facilitated with the instruments that are available at our school – clubs, activities, volunteer programmes, sports, arts, competitions and so on.

Glenrich School’s pastoral care unit operates on a systematically crafted policy, which functions on several stages:

Our trained and experienced counsellors provide guidance and support for the emotional, social, behavioral, and academic issues using specific psychometric tools and appropriate behavioral and cognitive therapies.

Pastoral care is most effective when there is a strong partnership between home and school. Clear two-way communication, reminders, and reinforcement (at home and at school) of strategies to support progress, and early intervention in identifying and addressing problems are regularly practiced in our pastoral care unit. We know that every child has a unique personality, and we ensure that they grow as joyful and intelligent beings, and as future global leaders.

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