Glenrich International School


School Activites

  • Glenrich students excel in cocurricular music, art, dance and other co-curricular activities.
  • They are top achievers in intra and inter school events.
  • Regular national school champions in inter-school chess, football, basketball, swimming, cricket tournaments.
  • Leading performances in Inter-school Olympiads.
  • Extensive CSR activities serving the society to develop students as socially responsible citizens.


Co-curricular activities are an important part of the school years, where students can get the best opportunities to explore new ideas and activities; Glenrich School excels in this area. The school arranges musical, art and dance competitions routinely and students take regular part in Inter-School programmes as well. Alongside cultural activities, the school also organizes several kinds of sports events such as tournaments and competitions of cricket, football, chess, swimming, basketball, volleyball, badminton, karate and gymnastics. Students from the school often share the winning podium across sports and other co-curricular events across Dhaka.

In addition to these, the Glenrich School Dhaka runs various clubs and holds spectacular educational trips. As a part of learning beyond the book, a class of 35 students from Grade 6 to 10 made a memorable study tour to the NASA-Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA in 2011; the first Bangladeshi school to visit there.

DPS-STS Management strongly believes that education is not only about textbooks and a host of co-curricular activities are made available to the children in order to hone their skills and provide a platform for them to showcase their individual talents. To stimulate the young minds, the school provides a wide array of activities to the students. We offer opportunities to learn and experience Western and Sub-Continental music (instrumental and vocal), Western & Sub-Continental dance, debating, quizzing, arts and crafts and many other similar activities. We wish to project their multifaceted talents and to encourage them to develop their skills within Inter-House, Inter-Class and Intra-Class competitions- which are conducted on a regular basis. Children are also sent to take part in Inter School competitions to learn and experience the joys of participation, competition and attaining glory for themselves and for their school. This strongly nurtures and fosters a well-needed feeling of achievement. Glenrich School also brings out a monthly newsletter where students’ contributions are one of the key highlights.


Glenrich School Dhaka prioritizes Co-Curricular activities and always explores innovation on Music/ Art/ Dance activities. There are specialized assessments on Music, Art and Dance activities for our students, which are conducted routinely. The School has organized various exciting and successful programmes like Rock Fest, MasterChef, Dance Mania, Inter-School Music, Art and Dance Competitions, among many more. The School also held an innovative Virtual Art exhibition, namely the Inter-School Virtual Art Exhibition through Typia Art Gallery. Our students have also participated in countless Inter-School competitions on Music, Art, & Dance and won several distinguished awards for their remarkable performances.

Nasa Trip

Glenrich School is the first school from Bangladesh to visit the NASA headquarters in Florida, USA. The educational value of travel is undisputable. Some say that another name for education is exposure. Exposure to the NASA headquarters is an experience of a lifetime that is priceless.

On 12th Nov, 2011 the Glenrich Group comprising 35 students from Grade 6 to 10, Principal Mr. Harsh Wal, Vice Principal Ms. Madhu Wal, Head of Department (Science) Mr. Sanjib Parial and Coordinator & Teacher Ms. Shammin Sultana returned to Dhaka after a very successful and rewarding educational tour to NASA-Kennedy Space Centre in Orlando, USA. They also visited Disney World, Universal and Sea World. The students did a variety of activities at Kennedy Space Centre where the focal points were the simulators inside which astronauts train, walk in zero gravity and design rockets among many other interesting tasks. The students also attended lectures by NASA Engineers & astronauts on Science of rocketry, propulsion and Newton’s laws. It was fascinating to watch the students experience the G-Force centrifuge, a realistic rocket launch in a simulator and crew capsule design activities.

The highlights were a 3D movie of a space mission that came alive in an IMAX Theatre. We also took a visit to the shuttle from where all manned space rockets from NASA have been launched and the children had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with Astronaut Sam Gemar, who has been aboard the space shuttle “D ISCO VERY” in addition to many other space missions.

One of the most exciting experiences was the witness of Man’s first launch into lunar orbit and Man’s first step on the Moon. Witnessing the procedure on the actual machines that were used for Man’s historic journey to the Moon was an awe-inspiring spectacle.

Touching an actual piece of moon rock, seeing the actual rockets and the lunar vehicle that was used by the astronauts to step on the moon were exciting experiences. Students attended several lectures and demonstrations by NASA engineers and scientists who were involved in their space projects. They gave instructive lessons to our pupils on building models and training on multi-axis trainers, trajectories and micro-gravity walls. Everyone was thrilled when we visited the interior of an actual space shuttle.

At the end of the course there was a graduation ceremony where NASA Scientist Mr. Jeff, along with our respected Principal and Vice Principal, gave away the certificates to all the students who participated.

Apart from this, students also visited Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort and Sea World. The students enjoyed the rides, the simulators and the several shows that were being broadcasted. The apex of this experience was a spectacular show by Killer Whales which was breathtaking. There were also shows put on by performing dolphins and seals which were very interesting to see. Besides seeing and learning a lot, the students also gained in self-confidence and learnt to become independent and responsible through this opportunity to travel. The photograph has been autographed by Astronaut Sam Gemar who flew on STS 38-48 & 62 (Space Transportation System Vehicle).


In order to ensure that students lead a stress-free life and develop physical fitness and emotional stability, the school offers a wide choice of sports throughout the School year which aims to provide something for everyone. All students are encouraged to participate in different kinds of indoor or outdoor activities depending on their willingness to participate in such sporting activities. There is a full programme of sports fixtures- and the collective benefits of team sports are recognised, as are individual physical skills and fitness. The School has large indoor facilities, which enable sports to be played the whole year round. The Physical Education curriculum is delivered through a series of activities in which athletic prowess are developed in a continuous and systematic way.

Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Bangladesh

Glenrich School Dhaka has been offering the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Programme to the students of Grade 8 – 12 from 2014, and so far 559 students have enrolled in various levels of the award from our school. They have been certified from the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Programme Bangladesh in Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels.

Levels and timescales

There are three levels of programmes you can do which, when you’ve successfully completed them, lead to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The main differences between them are the minimum length of time it takes to complete them.

In Bangladesh, participants are welcome to start with the Bronze Level. Anyone from one of those registered institutions and aged between 14-25 can participate in this award. One needs to show regular activity and commitment during this time- averaging at least an hour a week. You can’t achieve an Award in a short burst of enthusiasm over one weekend: it requires persistence and sincere determination!

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Outdoor Exposure

Adventure Camps, Treks, Educational Tours, Safaris, and Field Trips are a vital part of the curriculum as these are essentially organized to teach children survival skills, facing hardships/ adversities with aplomb, joys of corporate living, sharing and caring, team spirit besides enhancing knowledge and developing sensitivity for the environment, flora and fauna. We believe that through exposure to these kinds of exercises, they will develop valuable skills that might help them to develop fully as balanced individuals who are physically and mentally strong.

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