Glenrich International School

Dear Parents,
I hope you are all in good health. Please note that the “Hand-Foot-and-Mouth” disease is spreading rapidly amongst children recently and it is highly contagious. If you notice any of the below-mentioned symptoms in your child, please seek medical advice & do not send them to school until they are fully cured. 
Hand-foot-and-mouth disease symptoms-
  • Fever.
  • Sore throat.
  • Feeling sick.
  • Painful, blister-like lesions on the tongue, gums, and inside of the cheeks.
  • A rash on the palms, soles, and sometimes the buttocks. The rash is not itchy, but sometimes it has blisters. …
  • Fussiness in infants and toddlers
  • Loss of appetite.
Thank you.
Warm wishes,
Sumona Karim
Head of Junior School