Glenrich International School

Dear Students & Parents of Grade-5,

Kindly find Stationery List for Grade-5 (2022-2023) below. We suggest you to arrange the stationeries at your convenience from your nearby Shop before the very first day of School opening.

School Uniform by Hamza’s Wear are available in our both campuses, Uniform Counters are now open from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, on Saturday to Thursday except Fridays, School Holidays and Public holidays.

Further Contact Details-Hamzas Wear

Junior School Counter: 

Ms. Mary-01754592518

Ms. Sweety-01307485788

Senior School Counter: 

Ms. Kona-01933465524

Ms. Lima-01646997245

Emergency contact Ms. Farhana K. Khan, 01717322988

E-mail: [email protected]

Warm regards,

Dr Shivananda CS



Glenrich School Dhaka

Stationery List


Session: 2022-23


SL Descriptions Nos.  



1 Pencil -HB Pcs. 2
2 Pen Pcs. 2
3 Glue stick Pcs. 1
4 Geometry box (1-tech-FC) Pcs. 1
5 Eraser (Non dust regular eraser) Pcs. 1
6 Sharpener Pcs. 1
7 Plastic ruler-big Pcs. 1
8 Scotch tape-1 Pcs. 1
9 Chart paper Pcs. 10
10 Poster paper-12 pcs. 1each of red, yellow, blue, green & orange Pcs. 5