Glenrich International School

Dear Sir / Ma’am:

Please circulate the following notice to all parents of GRADES 5 to 8. The notice is an updated reminder to the earlier notice.

Please keep me in CC so that I can forward to our teachers and Admin Staff as well.

Kind regards,


June 21, 2022

Dear Parents: A Gentle Reminder to join our sessions.

Welcome to the Session 2022-23!

We are set to begin our classes on campus from June 28, 2022 for Grades 5 to 8.

The school has planned Orientation meetings with All parents, and Individual Meetings with Class Teachers. Please do join the orientation sessions as it would help us all prepare the children for the upcoming school year.

Please find the Schedule below:

Session 2022-23:  Orientation Schedule for Grades 5 to 8 Parents and Students

Middle Section Individual Parents’ Orientation with Class Teachers



9:00 am

to 2:30 pm

Physical (On Campus – Grade / Section wise)

Middle Section Parents’ (All Parents for Grades 5-8) Orientation with Principal, Section Head and Academic Head



10:00 am


 10:40 am

Blended (On Campus – Senior Section Auditorium and Online)

(Zoom Link:


Kind regards,
Ilham Adnan Alam

Teacher, (English Dept. Senior Section)

Dean of Academics (Middle Section)
Programme Leader, Cambridge PDQs – DPS PD Centre