Glenrich International School

Dear Parents,

Hope you are doing well. Please find the Pre Primary school timing and dispersal details for the current session (2022-23) below.

We will be sharing the same information in your child’s Google classroom as well.

Morning Shift (Nursery & FS1):

Grade Arrival Dispersal
Nursery A/Red 08:00am 10:30am
FS1 A/Pink 08:00am 10:30am
FS1 B/Purple 08:00am 10:30am

Day Shift (Nursery & FS1):

Grade Arrival Dispersal
Nursery B/Green 11:15am 01:45pm
FS1 C/Gold 11:15am 01:45pm
FS1 D/Orange 11:15am 01:45pm

FS2 & CF:

Grade Arrival Dispersal
FS2 08:00am 01:00pm
CF 08:00am 01:30pm

Looking forward to meeting you all during the Orientation sessions.

Thank you.

Warm wishes,


Head of Junior School

Glenrich School Dhaka

June 20, 2022