Glenrich International School

Dear Parents,

Glenrich School Dhaka is glad to inform you- in order to facilitate optimum psychosocial well-being and growth for our students, we are going to arrange online open discussion sessions for the parents of Primary (Grades 1-4). The sessions will be facilitated by our in-house psychological counselor Ms. Tahneena Mehreinn. For that, we invited you to choose topics for the sessions. Based on your opinion, two of the most chosen topics were “Handling Gadget Dependency” and “Practicing Positive Parenting”. Ms. Tahneena Is going to cover these two topics in her discussion.

Date: Saturday, 9th December 2023

Slot 1- 9.30-11.00 AM.
(For parents of students in Grades 1 and 2)

Slot 2- 11.30 AM- 1 PM.
(For parents of Students in Grades 3 and 4)
You can also choose any of the two slots to join the session according to your convenience.

You are cordially invited to join the sessions to gain insight about your children’s mental processes.
Please find the zoom link to join the session on the mentioned day and time:

Warm regards
Sumona Karim
Vice Principal
Junior School
Glenrich School, Dhaka
(A Cambridge K-12 School)


Program Outline:

First 8 minutes: Ice-breaking activity

Next 40 minutes: Discussion on Handling Children’s Gadget Dependency

Next 27 minutes: Discussion on Practicing Positive Parenting

Last 15 minutes: Q/A session and wrap-up