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NOTICE FOR GRADE 8 STUDENTS AND PARENTS: Final Term Preparatory Exams and Checkpoint Mock 2 Exam schedules:

Dear Parents: 

Please find below the schedule for Final Term Preparatory Exams. The format of the Question papers and the duration of the exams will be the same as that of the Final Term Examinations.

Grade 8: Final Term Preparatory Tests on Core Subjects: April 2024










8:40 am

2 hours

10:40 am




8:40 AM

2 hours 20 mins

11:00 am




8:40 am

2 hours

10:40 am




8:40 am

2 hours

10:40 am

General Instructions :

1) There will be regular classes after the exams on the mock exam days.

2) Students will sit for the Examination in their respective classrooms.

3) Students are advised to carry all stationery items with them. They will not be allowed to borrow from others during an exam.

4) Students are advised to carry a transparent pouch/bag to keep all stationery items.

5) Dispersal time: Regular dispersal time

6) Please note: If a holiday is declared on a mock examination day due to some unavoidable circumstances, the exam scheduled for that day will be held on the next available working day and all other exams will shift accordingly. Please check the School Website for any notification regarding the exam timetable.

For example, if after having exams on Day 1 & 2, no exam could be held on Day 3, then that day’s exam will be held on the next available working day and all the exams that follow will shift serially.

For Checkpoint Examinees:

Students who have registered for the Checkpoint Examinations will sit for the Checkpoint Mock 2 Tests on campus as per the following schedule:

March 19: Sciences (from 8:40 am)

March 20: English (from 8:40 am)

March 21: Mathematics (from 8:40 am)

Exam Venue: Main Hall (Level 5). Regular classes will continue after the Exams.


The Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations will be held from April 22, 23, and 24.

So, registered Checkpoint Examinees are exempted from the Preparatory Exams on April 22, 23 and 24 respectively.  The tests will be given to the students as take-home tests.

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