Glenrich International School

Dear Parents,
You are requested to follow the guidelines mentioned below:
  1. Make sure your child attends the classes regularly
  2. Drop off and pick up your child on time. If you are using the school bus service, please reach the pickup point on time
  3. Please inform the school bus driver in advance if your child is taking leave on any given day.  (applicable only if you are using the school transport)
  4. Please follow the vehicle entry and exit route plan to reach the school as informed by the school staff
  5. Please ensure your child carries the books and the stationery as per the timetable; avoid carrying a heavy bag
  6. Children can carry up to Tk 100 in Jr school and Tk 200 in the Senior School for purchasing food from the canteen. If children are found with excess money without proper justification, that will be confiscated. 
Covid-19 protocol:
All students:
  1. must undergo temperature screening at the entrance
  2. students should wear masks all the time 
  3. maintain physical distance  
  4. use hand sanitiser 
Should you have any queries kindly contact:
Warm Regards,

Dr Shivananda CS

Glenrich School