Glenrich International School

Dear Parent

We are introducing Fitness Test Reports for our students in order to enhance their physical fitness levels and wellbeing. These report cards will aid in our evaluation of the student’s fitness and help students monitor their fitness levels. After identifying their strengths and areas for improvement, we will instruct them on performing a specific workout and changing their behaviour, diet, and sleep schedule to attain optimal health.

We have designed a few activities to measure their endurance, flexibility, balance, speed, and strength. We will provide the average score of the class along with the individual score on the fitness report card. Target Fitness Score with a timeline will also be added to help the students remain motivated and follow strategies to achieve the goal.

We have added the BMI (Body Mass Index) percentile to check the overall fitness of our students.

Please find attached the sample fitness card for the students and two videos from the Junior and Senior sections which will give you an overview of our planning and procedure for the same.

If you do not feel comfortable with the above process for your child, please feel free to share your concerns. We will exempt your child from the fitness tests.



If you have any questions, please contact Mr Romel Rasha Gomes at [email protected] or Mr Aminul Islam at [email protected].

Best Wishes,

Vishal Taunk

Director of Sports



DPS Fitness