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Dear Parents,

We are delighted to share that the deadline for registration and payment for the Glenrich Robotics & AI Club has been extended till Sunday, November 20, 2022, at the parents’ request!

And here’s the big news! You can join a FREE class of Glenrich Robotics & AI Club which is open-for-all!! We’ll share the schedule and details of the FREE class after the registration deadline.
Please register here:
Programme Details:
Starting Date: Email notification will be sent well in advance.
Category: After School Program
Course Duration: 6 months
Session Duration: 2 sessions per week of 1 hour duration
Course fee: BDT. 23000

● Kits and well-planned curriculum will be shared after registration. Each student will be provided with robotic kits that can remain with them.
● There’ll be assessment and feedback.
● Students will be taught programming in this special programme. They’ll be guided to programme the robots and test their programmes.
● At the end of the course, each student will receive a certificate of achievement on completion of the programme.
Join us in this exciting programme to learn about robotics!

Contact information
Junior High School:

Airin Tisha:
Fariya Lara:

Senior High School:

S. Ranjith:
Thouhidul Islam:

Best wishes
Glenrich School Dhaka