Glenrich International School

Dear Parents


As you are aware the daily on-campus classes will resume for grade Nursery on Sunday, 26 June 2022 and grades FS1-Grade 12 on Tuesday, 28 June 2022. The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education ordered the educational institutions that all teachers, students, parents and employees of the educational institutions must wear masks and properly follow other coronavirus rules, such as washing hands and maintaining social distancing.

The teachers and administrative personnel have left no stone unturned to prepare the school to welcome our students for on-campus classes in light of the new rise in COVID-19 cases throughout the country. At Glenrich School, all of the necessary safety precautions are in place. The school has established several guidelines for parents and teachers in order to ensure a safe and clean environment for on-campus learning. You are kindly requested to follow the guidelines for a more secure learning environment.


General Guidelines:

  1. a)Students can bring a healthy snack and a personal water bottle. They should also bring personal hand sanitiser and sanitize their hands frequently.


  1. b)All of our staff are vaccinated. We’ve also made sure that all of our eligible national and international students are provided with an opportunity for getting vaccinated under the Govt. vaccination programme.
  1. c)Please inform us if any of your family members have any COVID symptoms and do not send your child to the school for the next 14 days.


  1. d)We know the students are enthusiastic to meet their friends. Yes, they can meet and greet them. However, they need to follow all the safety protocols while sharing their place. They cannot share their food and other belongings with anyone.


Student Actions During On-Campus Classes:


  1. a)Wear a mask at all times covering your nose and mouth fully, sanitize your hands frequently and maintain a safe distance. Please carry a pair of additional masks and a personal sanitiser. Be a model to all your friends. Please reach the class in time.  Get your temperature checked at the entry gate and sanitize your hands and then directly move to your class as guided by the school staff.


  1. b)Occupy the designated seat as instructed by the teacher and maintain a 3 ft distance from your friends sitting next to you at all times. Wearing an ID card is mandatory for students.


  1. c)If you are not feeling well, please do not come to the school. If you develop any symptoms: cough, cold, fever, dizziness, etc. inside the school, please inform the teacher immediately and follow his/her instructions to reach the isolation room. Please seek help from the teacher or the school staff for all necessities.


  1. d)If you or any family members are found with symptoms of COVID, you cannot attend the school for the next 14 days; you need to consult a qualified doctor to take treatment and submit a negative RT-PCR report to attend the school after 14 days.


  1. e)Please wear your school uniformPlease carry the necessary textbooks, notebooks and stationery as per the timetable. Shoes should be black and /or white only. Please follow your teachers’ instructions while attending PE, AMAD and Lab classes. You need to sanitize your hands frequently and maintain a safe distance.


  1. f)While you visit a washroom, please wait outside if there are more than 5 students. Avoid crowding. Avoid moving unnecessarily in the corridor.
  1. g)While going home after the class, please follow the instructions given by the teachers. Do not rush to the pick-up area and avoid the crowd. Please wait patiently till your parent picks you up. Correctly identify your parent (as they would be wearing a mask) before boarding the vehicle.


Parents’ Actions:

  1. a)Please discuss all the pointers mentioned in the “Student Actions” in detail with your child and offer support to follow them.


  1. b)If your child or any member of the family has any symptoms of COVID, please do not send them to the school. Also, immediately notify the school about it.


  1. c)If your child develops any symptoms in the school, we will notify you. Please be ready to pick up your child promptly and offer necessary medical help.


  1. d)Please pick up and drop your child off at the school on time. Please do not delay in receiving your child.


  1. f)Please help your child to carry a personal water bottle, hand sanitiser, necessary notebooks, textbooks and stationery.
  1. g)Please help the school to make the on-campus schooling experience a pleasant one.

Should you have any queries kindly contact:

I wish a smooth and joyful on-campus experience to all.

May God bless us with the wisdom and strength to execute our duties meticulously!


Warm regards,


Yours Sincerely,


Dr Shivananda CS