Glenrich International School

Dear Parents,

‘Cambridge Top in the World’ refers to the learner who has obtained the highest standard mark in the world for a single subject. This learner will be awarded the ‘Cambridge Top in the World’ award. There may be other learners in the world, or even in the same country, who scored the same mark; since their achievement is equal they will receive equal recognition and will also be awarded the Cambridge ‘Top in the World’ award for that subject.

Glenrich School envisions consistently producing world toppers. We’ve already identified many students with the potential to be global toppers in many subjects at both IGCSE and A levels, and the school left no stone unturned to support the students in this regard. The school conducted Performance Enhancement Classes (PEC) for the students both on-campus and online.

To motivate our students to strive even smarter and harder for it, from the 2021-22 session we have introduced the ‘Glenrich World Topper Recognition Programme’, in which world toppers will be lauded for their outstanding efforts. The world toppers who get the highest standard mark in at least one subject in the world will receive an Apple iPad and the prestigious Scholar’s scroll from the School. Our teacher who produces the world topper will also be rewarded and felicitated.

Implementing such a programme has increased our students’ enthusiasm and inspired them to attain the maximum potential academic excellence.

We wish your child the best of luck in their upcoming IGCSE and A-level examinations, and we want to see them achieve the status of Cambridge World Topper.

Should you have further queries kindly do not hesitate to contact: 
We wish all the best to our students for the upcoming board examinations. 
Let us together work to create a world-class learning space for our students.
Thank you.
Warm regards,
Dr Shivananda CS
Glenrich School, Dhaka
(a Cambridge K-12 School)