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Courtesy: The Business Post, Date- 22 November 2022

STS Group intends to develop a premium school in Bangladesh entitled ‘Glenrich International School Satarkul’ with a view to satisfying the growing educational demands and preparing learners for a competitive world. In order to achieve this, a brand launching and logo revealing ceremony was organized on Monday at the Hotel Sheraton in Dhaka. With distinguished board members and senior leadership teams from STS Group, Khondoker Monir Uddin, managing director of STS Group, Manas Singh, CEO of STS Group, and Ramesh Mudgal, principal of Glenrich International School Satarkul, honored the event with their presence.

The occasion began with an educational lecture about Glenrich International School Satarkul, which was followed by a program for the reveal of the name and logo. The STS Group’s Khondoker Monir Uddin introduced the logo in front of the invited visitors and press. After lunch for the visitors and the vote of gratitude, the program came to a close. “The adventure of STS Group began in 1997 in Bangladesh with a goal to give international level health care and education,” Manas Singh stated in his remarks at the ceremony. In keeping with our promise, we are creating Glenrich International School Satarkul, a new institution that will provide 21st Century education.

Education is provided to pupils in a supportive setting. We are finishing the first stage of our dream project to open four more schools in the next years with this launch. Inspired by the concept of the “School of Life,” Glenrich International School Satarkul will work to develop a nurturing and enabling environment for early childhood as well as inculcate moral values and integrity in the students, effectively preparing them for life. According to Mr. Ramesh Mudgal, principal of Glenrich International School Satarkul, “To carry on this noble mission, Glenrich International School Satarkul will also emphasize the necessity of generating good instructors who will assist the students learn life skills for a happy future.

Glenrich International School Satarkul is a brand-new project of STS Group, one of the biggest business conglomerates in the nation, which is devoted to enhancing the standard of healthcare and education. Building institutions that will improve people’s quality of life over the long term is STS Group’s goal. The STS Group is this time bringing in Glenrich International School Satarkul, which will follow the Cambridge curriculum, as a reflection of their dedication.