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Satarkul Branch
Uttara Branch (Junior Campus)
Uttara Branch (Senior Campus)

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Smart Classrooms

Glenrich classrooms are designed to encourage the love of learning among 21st century students. Wi-Fi enabled classrooms are designed to help students carry out their web-connected research in a supervised environment. Well-lit and air-conditioned, the classrooms sharpen the thinking skills of the students by providing opportunities for collaborative learning.

Each classroom is provisioned with a store that serves as a collaborative space for 2 classrooms. Students can have break-out discussions under the supervision of the teacher in these ‘Break-Out’ rooms. Between 2 Classrooms, there is a meeting room which will be used by teachers to meet among themselves or with parents as per the need. Every classroom in the Pre-primary has a built-in hygienic washroom to ensure the utmost care and safety of our youngest students.


A huge library of over 5,000 square feet of floor space can seat 90 students at any given time on ergonomically designed furniture that stimulates reading, learning and research among students and is one of the jewels in the infrastructural crown of Glenrich International School Satarkul. It is well stocked with thousands of fiction, nonfiction and reference books making it a knowledge hub. Besides the books in physical form, students will access web-based resources for conducting research or working on collaborative projects using the high-tech devices available in the library.

Reading is a skill that opens up avenues for enhancing learning in all knowledge areas. At Glenrich library, students don’t just read for pleasure but with a purpose. Expert librarian and teachers of languages guide the students with techniques of reading that help them get the most out of their reading by retaining what they read.

Computer lab

Computer labs are designed to make students creators and not just consumers of technology. The school, once fully operational shall have 4 state-of-the-art computer labs that will teach new-age computer applications as well as coding to students. Besides learning the application of productivity software, our students will learn the significance of AI and Machine Learning and the transformative power it currently has and will have in the years to come. Outcome-focused real-life projects are assigned to students to come out with their own software solutions to make life better for people and industries.

Math Lab

Glenrich International School Satarkul will have a dedicated Math lab, perhaps for the first time in Bangladesh. Mathematics as a subject mostly has abstract concepts and a laboratory with hands on manipulatives will significantly help students grasp the subject better as they do not just visualize shapes and sizes, they actually hold them and work with them. Every manipulative is aligned to the Cambridge Curriculum Math concepts and aid in the deeper understanding of concepts which will eventually help students not just score well in their exams but will lead to problem-solving skills and mathematical thinking.

Science lab

State-of-the-art dedicated Science Laboratories of Physics, Chemistry and Biology will provide hands-on and experiential learning opportunities for senior students. A dedicated junior science lab will help create an inquisitive and experimental mindset among our junior students. All the labs shall be well-equipped with apparatus and supplies that will make learning science fun, experiential and lasting. The crowning glory of the laboratories is the dedicated Robotics and STEM lab which both juniors and students will be using. With a timetabled slot for Robotics, the students will visit the Robotics lab at least once a week for learning robotics as a science from foundation to advanced levels.

Sports infra

First time in Bangladesh, GIS brings an aesthetically designed Skating Rink for students of primary and lower secondary. Designed by Beaumont, the skating rink adds to the many opportunities of sports and games that GIS offers. With dedicated sports fields for Soccer, Basketball, Swimming Pool and cricket nets, GIS students will find opportunities for excelling in their chosen sports. The roof-top basketball and indoor badminton courts are exemplary in their utilitarian designs. The roof-top swimming pool comes with a learning pool and students will be offered beginner to competitive level coaching in swimming by a professional and experienced coach.

Parents' Lounge

We understand parents better! While their children are attending the classes, parents will enjoy the luxury of the parents’ lounge! With a cafeteria and a library to name a few, parents will have plenty to do till their children finish the school day.

Soft Play area

Children in their formative years need a highly protected play area that prevents any kind of injury. Safety is of paramount importance for us at GIS. This is why our students in the pre-primary will enjoy a dedicated soft play area. The timetabled play slots will enable the students to visit the soft play area and have fun learning a number of games besides developing qualities of cooperation and teamwork.

Montessori Lab

Internationally acclaimed Montessori methodology focuses on students’ natural development of the students with some unique characteristics such as independent learning, student-directed learning, responsibility and self-discipline. The dedicated Montessori lab at GIS embeds the Montessori Methodology into the EYFS Curriculum. By visiting the Montessori lab regularly, students’ foundation in reading and numbers is strengthened with the use of Montessori Material in a self-directed manner.


A magnificent auditorium brings plays and performances to life! The state-of-the-art sound and light designs complement the performing ability of the students. Professional-level events can be held with the tech set-up at GIS Auditorium. When not being used for performances and assembly, it transforms into a gymnasium for indoor games such as Table Tennis and Badminton with the chairs retracting to reveal the amazing indoor games infrastructure.

World-Class Indoor Gymnasium

Glerncih offers world-class sporting facilities to its students and one of the unique offerings is the indoor gymnasium that serves as an arena for multiple sports such as basketball, badminton and table tennis.

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