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Cholpori News / By Katerina Don / November 20, 2023

A Reader and a Leader

Glenrich International School Satarkul welcomed its first batch of students this year into a newly built campus in Sun Valley, Satarkul. The five-story campus is equipped with sports facilities, a high end auditorium,, music rooms, and a roller skating rink, swimming pools, basketball courts, cricket nets and a football field. The entire school has high speed wifi connectivity with every classroom equipped with Interactive Flat Panel. The institution offers the Cambridge curriculum in addition to a list of embedded enrichment programs such as Curriculum Embedded Robotics, Music Curriculum of ABRSM and additional French Language course from Alliance Francaise.. The core philosophy of the institution is to go beyond academics and be a ‘School of Life’, preparing young students for a future where innovation and interconnectedness are paramount. At the heart of this thriving institution is Mr. Ramesh Mudgal, a visionary educator and administrator who has dedicated his career to steering students and institutions towards success.

When it comes to my students, I want them to be compassionate individuals, independent thinkers and productive contributors.

A Passionate Advocate for Reading

As the principal of Glenrich International School Satarkul, Mr. Mudgal embodies the qualities of an avid reader, a proponent of early robotics education, and an exceptional administrator. He firmly believes that a strong reading habit is the cornerstone of academic success. “Reading is an essential part of learning. It’s a very impactful habit to have and without reading, you’re not learning much.”

Under his leadership, Glenrich International School Satarkul is establishing a rich library and reading programs, fostering a culture of literacy that encourages students to develop a lifelong passion for reading. This investment will enhance academic performance and help students become more empathetic and well-rounded individuals.

Introduction to Computing and Robotics from a Young Age

Mr. Mudgal is a strong advocate for early exposure to robotics and technology. He firmly believes that students should be digitally literate and have strong STEM foundational education from a young age. This not only equips them with essential skills for the future but also instills a love for problem-solving and innovation.

Glenrich International School Satarkul boasts cutting-edge robotics programs that challenge students to think critically and creatively. Mr. Mudgal has set up similar programs around the world which have nurtured a generation of young engineers and inventors who are poised to make a significant impact on the world.

The Art of Administration

Mr. Ramesh Mudgal’s administrative skills are exemplary. His leadership is not limited to the school – he is also a content creator and coach. With a career spanning several international schools, he has honed his expertise in managing educational institutions. His ability to lead and inspire a diverse team of educators and staff is a testament to his commitment to creating an enriching and harmonious environment for both students and professionals. He is committed to building glocal systems that are grounded in local culture but plugged into the world. “Gone are the days when you could probably shut yourself down and write a book or something like that. And then publish it after three months, four months, five years, and all, there is a lot that is in six months, the world would have changed completely. There will be so many new things coming up over there. So, networking is very important because you will grow as an individual. When you are in contact with the others, when you seek support from the others, when you learn from the others. And when you build on the strength of others, I think that’s very important.” said Mr Ramesh. 

His leadership philosophy revolves around the belief that “it takes a village to raise a child.” Mr. Mudgal recognizes the importance of involving parents, teachers, and the community in a child’s education. He has made himself available to parents, with monthly “Coffee With the Principal” hours and engaging community events like “food crafting” for parents and students. He encourages open lines of communication and collaboration, allowing everyone to contribute to the growth and development of the students.

Glenrich International School Satarkul: The GLENRICH Approach

Under Mr. Mudgal’s leadership, Glenrich International School Satarkul has adopted a unique approach that can be best described by the acronym “GLENRICH.” Each letter represents a core value that the school embodies:

  • Glory: Embracing and celebrating the achievements of students and staff.
  • Leadership: Nurturing young leaders who will shape the future.
  • Excellence: Striving for the highest standards of education.
  • Network: Promoting interconnectedness among students and the global community.
  • Rational: Encouraging critical thinking and logical reasoning.
  • Innovation: Fostering creativity and forward-thinking.
  • Compassion: Teaching empathy and the importance of giving back.
  • Humility: Cultivating modesty and a sense of community.

This holistic approach to education ensures that students not only excel academically but also grow into compassionate, innovative, and responsible global citizens.

Mr. Ramesh Mudgal looks forward to developing more opportunities to bring school to life and life to school. As the world changes, institutions like Glenrich and educators like Mr. Mudgal are ensuring that the next generation is well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Source: Mr. Ramesh Mudgal of Glenrich International School Satarkul – blog.cholpori