Glenrich International School

Glenrich School Dhaka Celebrates “Boichitre Bangla 1429” by The Daily Star

The Junior Section of Glenrich School Dhaka, arranged the daylong ‘Boichitre Bangla 1429′ programme on Saturday February 18, to celebrate the true essence of Bangla language, tradition & cultural heritage. The grand celebration enabled the students to get in-depth exposure to our rich Bangla culture and history so that they grow to love and value Bangla more.

The month of February or Falgun is significant for Bangladeshi people as it marks a day of great sacrifice for the love of our mother tongue. The children of today should know the history of our people who established Bangla as our national language by sacrificing their lives. An Ekushey Art competition was arranged so that the students could immerse themselves in art to depict the “Mother Language Day” theme beautifully.

Also, an on-stage Bangla cultural show, students’ presentations in the Bangla classrooms, a delicious “Bangla winter pitha” festival, and Bangla exhibitions to showcase Bangladeshi artifacts, traditional attire, jewelry, and handicrafts were arranged on different floors of the school. The students played Kabadi (locally also known as Ha-Du-Du), which is our national sport. The programme was really exceptional in every way, as it showcased each and every aspect of our Bangla language and culture, and the parents, students, teachers, and staff all enjoyed it together.